13 May, 2009

Florida: off-Disney

Even though I have this feeling of regret for not traveling much out of Florida when I lived in the US (we never went to NY, California, New Orleans, or any of the famous American cities besides Miami and of course Orlando), I can't say we didn't travel. Quite the contrary! Of course there were the theme parks, but there's plenty to do besides go to Disney World and co. I guess the tourism industry there is more family-oriented, and as I lived there with my family as a child, it was perfect for me!

Florida is made up of beaches on the coast and mostly swampland (the Everglades) in the interior. Of course, with real estate development they are covering the swamps, but there are protected areas. You can go on an airboat to the Everglades and see alligators and other wildlife, the Seminole Indian Reservation, go to many zoos and parks. Here are some links to some interesting places:

Oh yeah, there's Cape Canaveral, where NASA is:

I can't forget Key West, the southernmost point of the US, where Ernest Hemingway lived (you can see Cuba from there, Key West, not Ernest's house.)

There's also St. Augustine, in the northeast of the state, the first city in the US. It was colonized by the Spanish in the 16th century, before the English colonization of the north:

So, if you're ever in Florida, here are some other interesting options!

- Bárbara Alves (Icaraí 2)


  1. Hey Barbie! Nice to see you here!
    I´ve never been to the US but I´d like to visit Florida and some other states. The thing is: I have a cousin who lives in Orlando, so Florida would be the ideal and the easiest option.
    I´ve heard Key West is really beautiful!
    See you soon!

  2. Good to know, Barb. If I ever go to Florida I'll definitely take the kids to see the alligators! (I'm serious!) By the way, Lily Allen is in Africa and posting photos and comments on Twitter, are you following her? One comment she made that I found particularly interesting was a linguistic one: "i saw two baby leopards today. how come leopard is pronounced leppard and leotard is leeohtard" http://twitter.com/lilyroseallen

  3. yes, bella, key west is worth it! it was our favorite place to travel to, there's a wonderful pier where you can watch the sunset while listening to live music and eat seafood. the beaches aren't so great, but the big thing is the island itself, one of the rare places in florida where you can see some history and get a real american feeling

  4. oh yeah, raquel, i just had a look at it! ah, when you go you can't miss lion country safari, it's a real safari, where you enter by car and wild animals run around loose! once a ostrich almost stuck it's neck through the small opening of the window in our car! it's so different from a zoo!