26 June, 2009

Holiday tips

Have you been able to work out the answers? :)

1) c - departure

2) b - passport

3) d - identification

4) a - boarding

5) c - refunded

6) c - carriage

7) a - advised

8) b - baggage

9) d - reconfirm

10) c - arrive

See you around!!! ;)

22 June, 2009

Holiday Tips

Holidays are coming and if you are going to travel by plane, you should check out these tips before you set off. ;)
Do you think you can work out the missing words?
Question 1
Check-in counters are open two hours before the scheduled flight ........ time.
(a) going
(b) arrival
(c) departure
(d) transit
Question 2
It is the passenger's responsibility to ensure their ........ is valid for entry and they have fulfilled all immigration requirements in the country of destination.
(a) endorsement
(b) passport
(c) document
(d) papers
Question 3
Passengers are required to produce appropriate ........ at the check-in counter.
(a) passport
(b) visa
(c) ticket
(d) identification
Question 4
Passengers are advised to be at the ........ gate at least thirty minutes before the scheduled departure time of their flight.
(a) boarding
(b) ticket
(c) open
(d) arrival
Question 5
If you fail to check in on time or fail to board the aircraft, the fare you paid will not be ........ to you for any reason whatsoever.
(a) resigned
(b) remunerated
(c) refunded
(d) rewarded
Question 6
Children under age 12 will not be accepted for ........ unless they are accompanied by a person at least 18 years of age.
(a) journey
(b) voyage
(c) carriage
(d) trip
Question 7
Passengers are strongly ........ not to check in valuable or fragile items as baggage.
(a) advised
(b) informed
(c) told
(d) reminded
Question 8
Passengers are required to retrieve their ........ as soon as it is available for collection at their destination.
(a) ticket
(b) baggage
(c) boarding pass
(d) passport
Question 9
It is the passenger's responsibility to ........ all outgoing flights at least 72 hours prior to departure.
(a) rebook
(b) reorder
(c) reserve
(d) reconfirm
Question 10
Passengers must ........ at the airport sufficiently in advance of the scheduled flight departure time to permit completion of government formalities and check-in procedures.
(a) depart
(b) transit
(c) arrive
(d) transfer
Now write the number of the question and your answer next to it. :)
Answers on 27 June

10 June, 2009

News from Piauí

Have you any idea of where the pictures above were taken? Well, considering the title of this post, probably yes! Today, I´m not posting. Felipe Maruf Quintas is! Felipe is a Basic 3 student at Itaipu Branch. Incentivated by his teacher Cléo, he decided to contribute to our blog by writing about his last holidays in Piauí. Thank you Felipe! And here is your story:
Last holidays, I went to Queimada Nova, in Piauí. I went there on foot. I walked very much, but I am Brazilian and I never quit. I travelled with my neighbourhood. More than 50 people were with me to Piauí. It was great, but less dangerous than if I was alone there.
In Queimada Nova, we saw misery, but we saw beautiful scenes because the Brazilian backwood is wonderful, except the people. They are poor, starving, sad. Seeing all of them, we almost cried (some people have done it), but I know it isn´t because we wanted. In this city, we walked around the little city, and we gave food to the people. They were very happy, because nobody cares about them.
We didn´t have a car, so we did it all on foot. We found a waterfall (it´s a miracle!). There wasn´t anybody there, only us. We took a shower and we had delicicous moments of lust, lust for freedom, for the nature.
Later, we decided to go back to the city. It was night, and we didn´t have a comfortable place to sleep or stay, or some water and food to drink or eat. Our provisions were finishing, but we resisted, despite the complaints. This was very uncomfortable, we didn´t used to it. In the next day, some people decided to go back to Niterói, regreted of travel.
In my opinion, the trip was good. I learnt many things about Geography, History, Sociology and Brazilian popular culture (listening to songs and blind stories). I saw some of many faces of a same Brazil. I went back very tired, but it doesn´t matter now.

Izabella Sepulveda