14 April, 2009

Have a Quick Bite

I'm glad that some people replied saying that they want to talk about food. I'm gonna tell you a bit of what I experienced in London, but I do wannna hear from you, ok? I wanna hear whatever you have to say, not only about food!!!!

When I went to London for the first time, I stayed in a very charming old lady's house. There was also a Spanish guy there, taking the very same course I was. Anyway, one day we invited her out of the kitchen and we decided to cook her a Spanish Omelette. Obviously, I don't know how to cook a Spanish Omelette, but I was an excellent helper to Martin (my Spanish buddy). Don't even ask me what the ingrdients are; the only thing I know is that there are lots of eggs involved in the process (laugh).

My second time in London was even better, especially because I had the company of two very dear friends, Vivi and Ana. I don't remember who suggested that we should have an English Breakfsta, but it doesn't matter now. It was memorable!!!
I'm gonna post two different pictures. I want you to tell me which one shows a real English Breakfast, will you?

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  1. I guess it's the picture on my left, isn't it? Sausages for breakfast with fried beans sounds a lot English to me.
    Well, my experience there was nice too. I learnt to eat bread with jam. I didn't use to do it here, but now it's one of my favourites. Also, my host "mom" liked to try out new recipes with me and it was quite fun because to me, in the end, it was always the same old chicken with vegetables. Anyway....