09 April, 2009

Have The Time Of Your Life!

Travelling is awesome, isn't it? That's why we decided to share a bit of our experiences with you and show that travelling is a lot easier than we might imagine. Also, if you want to share some of your experiences as well, be our guest.

Here goes an interview with Carlos, a Cultura Inglesa Madureira student, who is going TODAY (April 09th) to London. Btw, it's his birthday today as well. Happy birthday, Carlos!

HTR. Tell us about when you decided to travel.
Carlos. I've been studying at Cultura for almost 4 years now and I really wanted to test my English. I know I can speak English, but when I finished the Cultura Express 6 (now I'm an Express Plus 2 student), I felt this urge not only to practice what I've studied, but also to become more confident - that's what I really believe is going to happen. I believe that we become more understanding when we travel. Meeting different people, different cultures, having to adapt, is certainly going to help me in different aspects of my life. And I want to have fun as well.

HTR. And, why England?
Carlos. To be honest I wanted to go to NY, but my brother - who gave me the plane tickets as a birthday present - convinced me to go to England. Of course I could always say no, but after all the things he showed me about the Queen's land, it seemed to me that London was the right place to go. But as soon as I come back, I'll start saving again to go to NY. And he promised to join me!

HTR. What was it about England that your brother showed you?
Carlos. He showed me pictures of beautiful places and all the history behind them. He told me about how friendly the people can be and how much one can learn there. It's all about culture, you know. Of course there's culture everywhere - USA, New Zealand, Canada, and so on - but England was the place he had information about (laugh).

HTR. Was it difficult to have all set?
Carlos. Not really. What's important is to close the deal with someone you trust. I don't really want to make any propaganda here, but as I study at Cultura, I thought it would be fair enough to count on them to help me out. I called Rosa - who's the person responsible for this area - and she helped me with everything I needed. I'm staying for three weeks and I'm gonna have 20 classes (not sure if it's 20 classes or 20 hours - laugh) per week. I chose to stay with a host family because I want to experience their daily lives. Simple things like having breakfast together, talking about their routine and being part, at least for three weeks, of a regular British family.

HTR. What are the expectations now?
Carlos. Well, I've already packed. It's my first trip abroad, you know, so I expect to speak English a lot, meet new people, visit places and do everything I can. I wanna have the time of my life!


  1. Hei, Carlos! My first trip abroad was also to England, and it was awesome! A really great first impression, and I only have good memories. Now, whenever I can go there, it feels like home to me, because of the language I can speak, the places I've been to and the atmosphere, which I love. Hope you have the time of your life in good old England!

  2. Happy birthday, Carlos! You are about to visit one of my favourite places on earth. Have a great time!
    Carla Chaves (RJ)

  3. Happy birthday, Carlos! England is one of my favourite countries in Europe. It´s also home to a host family I met almost 30 years ago and who are some of my best friends. Hope you'll enjoy the trip, the food (Yes! It's possible!) and the people.