23 April, 2009

Why Study Abroad?

The following video shows some guys talking about the advantages of studying abroad.
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  1. Wow! They speak fast. But what a nice experience.

    Express Plus 3 - Teacher Natalia - Freguesia Branch

  2. Hi there,
    I was talking to my sts today and told them a few things that I experienced while studying in England.
    I guess the most important from the whole experience is just finding out that there is no right or wrong when it comes to a different culture. We end up learning that there is so much out there to learn and share.
    So my answer to the 'why' would be...because we learn how to leave prejudice aside and take in the most we can, and what we do learn should be with us forever!!!
    Lots of love**********

  3. Gabi,

    I think you mentioned something really important there: when we study/live abroad we develop tolerance towards what is different from the way we live and understand the world. Definetely a VII (very important issue.
    Carla - Botafogo, RJ

  4. I would like to visit New Zealand. It's very beautful. :D

  5. I couldn`t agree more with what those students put. You get to have fun and you end up learning a lot as well. And regarding the language, if you want to do something as simple as buying bread or going to the restroom you have no way out but to communicate and what is best in a real life context, not an artificial one. It's everything one could ask for!