09 April, 2009

What Would You Like To Talk About?


We really want to share this space and, for this reason, we want to know what YOU want to talk about.

  • Places to go;
  • How to get there;
  • What to do there;
  • How long to stay;
  • What to take;
  • etc.

Just choose (or suggest) the topic. Your wish is our command!


  1. I'd really like to talk about food. I love food. What did you eat and loved? What did you eat and hated?
    Bete Thess

  2. I think Bete has a point. I love trying the place's typical food everywhere I go. Also, the different names there are for the same item of food, for example, did you know that in Barcelona a hot dog is called "Frankfurt"?

  3. That's interesting!Knowing more about dishes is always helpful. Also tips on places to go and what to eat in those places would be nice.

  4. Can we talk about all this? I mean, when I go somewhere I really want to experience the place and I guess it starts with the planning of the trip till we actually get there and get to know it.

  5. I like to talk about places to travel...it's wonderful!! there are many places and we don't know a bit places there are here.